Odd Advice For My Anxiety That Ended Up Working For Me, Strangly Enough

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    Years ago I was dealing with terrible anxieties. I get nervous over just about every little thing.

    Hence, I decided to see a therapist.

    The therapist whom I was seeing gave me advice which at the time I found to be unhelpful. She told me that if their's nothing I can do about something that I'm nervous about, then their's no point in worrying about it. Why worry if their's nothing I can do about it? She also said not to worry about something until it's a good time to worry about it. And if you don't know what the future holds, then why worry about it?

    So what am I supposed to do, just tell myself that if their's nothing I can do about it then I should just shut my anxieties off like a robot and not worry about it?

    That advice simply didn't work for me at the time.

    I also told seven or eight other people that this advice didn't work for me, and they all said that advice wouldn't calm them down either...and two of those people were other therapists!

    However, once I got on medication that calmed me down, I actually found this type of advice to be useful most of the time.

    Life can be a little odd that way sometimes, can't it?

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