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    We are happy to announce the launch of a brand new product dedicated to small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), called Avast for Business. The product is currently in beta testing, but with your feedback we will finalize and launch a good quality security product that will meet your business needs. We invite you to join our beta test!

    About the product:
    • Avast for Business is meant for SMBs with less than 100 seats.
    • It provides companies with a cloud-based Management Portal, which is hosted by Avast and accessible through any Web browser.
    • It is easy-to-use, so you do not have to be an IT professional to install the product and use it.
    • Companies can adjust their security level according to their needs and can purchase add-on products.

    Steps to guide you through testing Avast for Business:
    • Access our beta version by using the following link:
    • Create your Avast Account. You will use this to log in to the Avast Business Security Web Management Portal.
    • Provide us with your company details.
    • Add your devices to your Web Management Portal by installing Avast Business Security software on them.
    • Activate your devices in the Web Management Portal to start protecting them.

    Explore and use all the features of the Web Management Portal according to your needs (e.g. Activate SecureLine on as many devices as you need).Send us your feedback by writing directly to [email protected]. As a thank you for providing us your feedback, we will give you a FREE Premium license valid for 3 months, after the release of the new product in 2015.

    Enjoy testing Avast for Business!
    Avast Business Team

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