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    We are pleased to announce some new initiatives that will be rolled out over the coming weeks to help in our search for valuable new additions to our team.
    The quality of MyBB is largely dictated by the quality of our staff and as we look towards development of MyBB 2.0 we hope that these new recruitment strategies will help ensure the longevity and quality of MyBB in the future.
    The main changes to our recruitment process is that we will be extending our search to outside our community and formalizing the process, making our selection process similar to applying for a regular job. As a result we will be actively advertising the positions available but also more stringent in our selection criteria.
    We are primarily looking to fill development positions and we are looking for people will make a long term commitment to MyBB and hopefully become an integral part of the MyBB team in the future.
    We are looking for the types of people who:
    • Are true industry professionals
    • Have extensive and consolidated skills in PHP & SQL
    • Are familiar with modern object oriented program design
    • Understand security and how important it is
    • Already have proven experience in the field
    • Believe in the open source software model
    Although developers are the focus of our search we will are also open to suitable applicants for other positions.
    Below are some of our initiatives:

    Setting up the page

    We have set up a page specifically for recruitment at which will act as a gateway for anyone interested in a position here. It has information on the roles we have available and what we expect in our applicants.
    Notice board flyer:

    If you attend a tertiary education institution such as University then there will probably be a lot of notice boards around for community notices. We have prepared a simple flyer which your welcome to print and put up on Computer Science/IT department noticeboards at your University. You can find the flyer here.
    Off-site advertising:

    We will be identifying a number of websites and communities which are frequented by the kind of people we wish to recruit and have a section suitable for job advertisements. We will then be submitting articles to these sites outlining our organization and the positions we have available. Hopefully this will enable us to reach a broader group of quality developers who might be interested in a position here.
    Ensuring the integrity of our team:

    We realize many of our community members will be concerned that by recruiting outside our community we will be less familiar with our applicants and therefore there is the possibility of accepting someone who will be untrustworthy and detrimental to our product. We have recognized this and have implemented a number of new policies internally including an initial probation period and a revised permission hierarchy that will restrict the access of new staff to critical aspects of our project. As stated earlier we will also be more stringent in our selection process and ensure that only applicants of the highest integrity will be accepted.
    How can I help?

    Even if a position on the MyBB team isn’t for you then you can still help by spreading the word of MyBB to people you know who might be suitable for one of our positions. You can also put up flyers as described above.

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