Never really properly introduced myself last time (''I have returned thread'', in a way).

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by RobotFlamingo, Nov 2, 2011.

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    Oh, hello there (again)!

    It's been a few months since I was last here. 'Last here' = I was around for a few weeks, posted a bit, drifted away.
    meh, I decided to check in and look around today, see what had changed, and holy wow, I see that it has changed a lot. And so far, me gusta.
    So I guess I'll have a go at introducing myself, I usually suck at doing so, however.
    I'm 18 (soon to be 19 :confused:, gah), I identify as androgyne, aromantic asexual, Furry, blah blah blah. I don't identify with too many things it seems.
    I'm usually a socially awkward anxious mess (really, I have some vicious anxieties :cry:), so forums are my kind of place, I usually manage to rack up thousands or posts from my postwhoring. Thus far, I have never officially 'left' any forums that I've joined..
    My moods and attitudes tend to shift, like anyone elses. From what I can tell, I have 3 distinct phases: I'm usually either: Playful, jokeful and social. Pissy, bitchy, passive-aggressive and jokeful. Or, blank and indifferent. (its usually blatantly obvious which state I'm in :help:)
    Did I mention that I'm just plain weird/eccentric? That's an important point. :mstickle: And Now I've run out of things to say, time to get out the Q&A factsheet:

    Forename: Most people call me Phoe.
    Country of origin: United Kingdom.
    Residency: Still the UK, for now. :confused:
    Language(s) spoken: American English, dude.
    Age: 18 (19, eventually)
    Height: I dunno, about 6 ft?
    Sex: No thanks.
    Orientation: Asexual.
    Religion: Just an an Ir- to that.
    Occupation: Counter-trolling.
    Humor: Usually risque.
    Favorite music genre: Trance, and Europop. (Yes, I know its 2011. Sue me. :giggle:)
    Favorite foods: Any Italian cuisine.
    And drink: You offering? (Pepsi or Coca-Cola :p)
    Have you officially run out of things to say?: Yes.

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    Welcome to GF RobotFlamingo. Have seen some of your posts in the game threads, and commented on them. Hope to be reading many more of your posts.
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    Welcome to the forums Phoe and thank you for that nice intro. :)
    Glad you came back, we'll always be around so if you need a break, we understand. :wavespin:

    Enjoy the place

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