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    Hello, I have 4 advertisement spots available on my sport forum, Mets Paradise.

    • Average 200 visitors daily (=5,600+ visitors monthly)
    • All traffic comes from the USA
    • Opened in December 2009, meaning we are growing very fast so we should get AT LEAST 5,600 visitors monthly.

    Ads Available:

    • 1- Advertisement in sites header. Will be seen by every visitor.
    • 2- Advertisement in sites header next to #1. Will be seen by every visitor.
    • 3- Advertisement right below sites header, twice the size so it is more noticeable.
    • 4- Advertisement in sites footer. Not seen by as many people but still seen by most, same size as #3.

    When I have sold ad space before many customers have been drawn away by the price. So if interested please PM me. You can tell me a price you will do (Weekly prices only) and I will agree on it or counter it with an offer just as reasonable. We can work on the sizes of your advertisements. They will be shrunk down to fit but try and have one that seems a reasonable size.

    Please be advised that #3 will be the most expensive followed by #1 and #2, then #4.

    Contact Information:
    PM via AdminAddict
    Email - [email protected]
    PM via Mets Paradise (Link at beginning of post) - Send to Scott Wallace
    AIM - sportwiz1

    **Money will only be accepted via PayPal**

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