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    I've just realised that my intro got lost when Liz had problems soon after I joined! So for anyone who joins and doesn't know me, or for those of you who have forgotten, this is me....

    I'm 33 (I always have to think about that one!), married, and I have 2 girls.. Bethany is 7, and Amy is 2. Bethany is the quiet one of the two.. she likes football and judo, has recently learnt to ride her bike, and has very recently started to swim! Amy is the outgoing one.. 'Amy do it!' and 'Amy have it!' are 2 oft-heard phrases in our house!

    I'm a qualified nurse, with most of my experince being in day surgery and as a practice nurse. At the moment I'm taking a break from it, due to various reasons, and I'm spending time being a full time Mummy.

    Oh yea.. I'm from the UK, btw! ;)

    I have 2 cats.. Hannah and Louis. Last year we had to have Hannah's sister put to sleep, something that broke my heart. However, we recently adopted 4 year old little Louis, so we're a 2 cat household again.

    As for hobbies, I spend far too much time on the computer, building website, running forums, visiting others, and chatting with friends. When I get spare time away from it (usually in the bath!), I love to read.. my 2 hobbies have been combined in my book forum. :)

    Ok, that's enough I think! LOL Any questions, just ask!

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