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    Marketplace Guidelines:
    Welcome to Admin Talk's Marketplace, Here you can Buy, Sell or Trade Websites, Forums, Blogs, software licenses or domains and anything else of that nature.
    • When making a thread please provide us with as much detail and information on what you are selling or giving away or looking to trade. Do not mislead people into buying something that they are not. Doing so will result in you being permanently banned from Admin Talk.
    • Your post count must be 10 or higher, this is to prevent new members from jumping in and scamming people.
    • No Marketplace Thread Trashing. This is when a user tries to discourage customers from buying a certain product on a thread without a proper reason. This includes linking customers to your own thread (even if you offer better prices).
    • Do not try to buy, sell, or offer services that have to do with fraud. This includes, but is not limited to, credit cards, bank accounts, PayPal accounts, identity theft.
    • If selling a site, please make sure there is a reasonable amount of content on there. This is a suggestion only and you are also welcome to sell small sites.
    • Additionally, if selling a Service such as (not limited to) Hosting, Graphics Services or Paid Posting, or other services of that nature please sell your services within the thread with full details for the plans and other information. Do not simply post a link to your site and expect people to buy your services through there.
    • You may only sell goods you personally have, we don't want you "selling for a friend" or any type of brokerage setup.
    Diclaimer: We only provide this forum for users to Buy/Sell/Trade items. We don't take responsibility for any transactions here, it is at your own risk.
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