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    May 27, 2009
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    Type of Graphic: Logo <3
    Colors: Something based around the existing logo. *See images at bottom*
    Text Preference: Some kind of modern new font? Arial etc?
    Specific Images to be included: None... again see existing image.
    Size (in pixels): Same as existing one.
    Payment/Offer in return: Major discounts from products... something on board the forum.
    Any other details or specifications:

    This one is pretty much take what we have and make it better. It needs to be the same size and try to keep the same colours. How-ever, If you feel you can make it better go ahead and change what you want.

    Unfortunately, I can not tell you anything about what this will be used for. Nothing about the company or nothing about it's products. Top secret.

    Link to PSD: http://www.oyobiia.com/images/oyobiialtd.psd

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