has two options: (1) Downloadable/Installable and (2) Hosted

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    One of the most popular questions we are seeing is whether is a downloadable/installable forum software (self-hosted), OR a cloud/hosted software.

    The answer is both. =) Downloadable/Installable

    In the forum world many prefer to install and host their own forums. In fact, that is the most popular option for vBulletin, who does not provide a hosting service.

    This is important because it's not just about "hosting" your own forum and enjoying the feeling of security of protecting your own data... you can also make any changes you desire to the features and functions of Afterall, it is a platform that you can build on too. =)

    For forum veterans, people with technical/coding skills, or organizations with software developers on staff or available to them, we expect the downloadable/installable option will be very popular.

    For those that choose this option, we'll still provide an install wizard that makes the whole process as easy as possible. =)

    But there's an easier way... Cloud / Hosted

    LF is designed for ease of use. With that said, we could not possibly expect everyone to go through the steps of buying a web hosting account and getting that all set-up and ready to go, etc.

    So we'll make a cloud or hosted version of available that allows anyone to have LF setup for them and ready to go instantly.

    This option will allow Launch.apps to be installed so you can add new stuff as needed. However, it doesn't allow for custom modifications of LF on the cloud server. For most cloud customers, that won't be something they want to do anyway.

    However, as your forum grows or your needs change, there is always the opportunity for you to take your LF data and convert to downloadable where the sky is the limit on what you can do with LF as your platform! =)

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