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Discussion in 'Admin Talk Support & Feedback' started by Alien, Feb 7, 2006.

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    Moved to latest gallery & forum software, as well as updated the arcade, chat, and portal software..

    Just a quick note that I fixed the User vs. User challenges in the arcade area.

    How does it work?

    Click on anyone's usernames in their posts. You will see an option for challenging a user to an arcade game. Click it and you can select which game you want to challenge them in. Please note that you will NOT see the option if the user has not turned the option on in the UserCP / Arcade Options section! Users MUST turn on the challenges to be able to participate!

    Once you challenge a user, that user is sent a private message and can choose to accept or decline the game. If they accept, they can play and you are notified and you can play as well.

    10 most recent challenges can be found under the arcade news on the right hand side of the arcade main page right beneath "News & Events".
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    :yay: hi alien!
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