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    Site Name: Just About Anything Island
    Site URL:

    Description: Greetings everyone! I would like to invite to take a relaxing journey to a general chat forum like none you have ever visited to before! You are invited to the island experience known as the Just About Anything Island! You are invited to come ashore to the island paradise of a forum that has JUST ABOUT ANYTHING you want!! We have something for everyone!! Whatever interest you have in a forum, it can be found here! To highlight some of our features we have the following plus much, more.

    1) Start your own BLOG --? http://jaaisland.createforumhosting.com/blog.php

    2) Forum POINTS system with item shop, weekly lottery and more!! --? http://jaaisland.createforumhosting.com/points.php

    3) LARGEST selection of video games you have ever seen played directly on our forum!!!! ----? http://jaaisland.createforumhosting.com/video-games-arena-f668.html

    Come join us for the most relaxing enjoyable experience on a forum that will leave you breathless, come join us at the JAA!! You deserve it!!

    Your Name on the Board: Big Kahuna

    Hi everyone! I would like to personally invite you to join in our TRIBES program! If you are new to the site and haven?t heard of our TRIBES program, It is one like no other you have ever encountered before! If you have enjoyed your experience on the JAA so far and would like to take it to the next level, you can now OWN a piece of the island!! The island is a huge place and there is plenty of room for civilization!! By starting a TRIBE, you get to be the chief of the tribe and not only can you invite others to join to make your tribe bigger, any members of your tribe can invite people too! All is takes is the following requirements.

    1) requires 5 members to start ( Yourself plus 4 others)

    ** You may do this but inviting outside members to join the forum or asking existing members via posting or PM **

    ** There is also a 1,000 Gold Points incentive for starting a TRIBE **

    2) You must decide a name for your TRIBE
    3) You must decide a group color for your TRIBE

    What else do you get??

    1) You get your very own section that is only accessible to you and your TRIBE members to do whatever you want with! Your TRIBE will be moderators of your area!
    2) The more your TRIBE grows the more sections you can have opened up if you like until you have a a full sized forum within a forum that YOU OWN!
    3) Also last of all you receive a 300 gold reward for eevery new person you bring into your TRIBE!

    Anyone interested please PM me for details to get started and post any questions here!

    Thanks and have an awesome day!
  2. Kaiser

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    Nov 15, 2010
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    Good luck to you! Your Forum looks like an island :P
  3. BlazingBlue

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    Nov 16, 2010
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    San Diego, California
    Yes it is a nice forum. Already a member.
  4. Royal

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    Nov 24, 2010
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    Well as i need to login i wont join, its just phpbb from what i can tell. Its on a sub domain, sorry if it seems harsh but if your serious get some hosting and domain :p.

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