Is a sitemap really necessary?

Discussion in 'Web Development and Programming' started by Matthew, Aug 2, 2011.

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    A Sitemap for you site lets you have a page/section listing all the links and parts of your site. This helps search engine spiders travel through your sites, and possibly make it easier for users to navigate as well.

    But, you might want a more streamlined website and don't want to clutter your site with a sitemap.

    What is your opinion on sitemaps? I don't think they are necessary, but a good addon nonetheless.
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    [TD]Site map has many benefits. First of all they provide comfortable navigation and greater visibility in search engines. Whenever you make any changes in your site, it is a way of immediately informing the search engines. When you change pages of your website, search engines do not index it soon but with the use of site maps it is certain that changes in web pages gets indexed at a faster pace. Creation of it is an important part of Search Engine Optimization Services.
    If the website is new and there are significant numbers of new and updated web pages, in this case use of site map is essential for the website. In spite of the fact that you could still peruse without using this technique , but it is being assumed that soon this is going to become the normal procedure of submitting site in search engines. Even though spiders may continue to cache the web page and not make the standard procedure of crawling as obsolete. Thus its significance seems to increase in the coming times.
    Site maps in general assist to classify your website content. Search engines can not be compelled to classify a web page grouped under a suitable category or corresponding to a suitable keyword. Looking at the fact that major search engine's site related programs are still under testing, but as the search engines enhance the quality and understanding of their algorithms of indexing sites, expectations are that more and more websites will get indexed faster with this technique.
    So all in all, sitemap is a major contributor to Search Engine Optimization and it is recommended that you always have an up to date sitemap for better search engine rating and optimization.


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