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    Good Afternoon Everyone,
    I am here today to offer my Invision Power Services Suite for sale due to me being in the process of getting out of online forums.

    All of this stuff was purchased on the 19th of July 2011 and therefore has the six-month expiry date of 19 Jan 2012.

    We have the following:
    IP.Board - Standard License

    Due to the current Invision Power Services licensing agreement you are unable to transfer a license and therefore you will be purchasing the entire account which also comes with IPS Market Place purchases:
    # Sports Betting (Exp: 20 July 2012)
    # IPContent Featured Articles
    # Avatar from URL
    # Advanced Adverts
    # Forum 18+
    # Login as Member
    # Links Directory
    # Referrals System
    # Google Ads
    Which to buy them at today's price (which many of them are currently discounted to gain more sales) would cost $100USD.

    Total: $430 for Licenses and Marketplace Purchases
    Asking Price: $280USD
    Your Savings: $150USD

    Screenshot of license can be found here!

    # Payment is to be made through PayPal within 24 hours of agreeing to purchase.

    # Purchaser/Buyer agrees to pay PayPal fees and must take this into consideration when making an offer of purchase.

    # Seller will provide all license details immediately upon verification that payment has been made to nominated PayPal account.

    # Seller reserves the right to inform Web Hosting Talk administration staff of illegal activity such as fraud, theft - this will only apply if purchaser invoked the PayPal charge back option.

    - If you agree to these notes then please feel free to provide your offer.

    I wish you all the best of afternoons.

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