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    The number of language packs created by our devoted team of Translators was always a key part of phpBB's success. We are aware of this, so in the past months, we've been developing a new system to store and offer translations.

    What's new?

    Following the introduction of the new Bridges category, language packs for phpBB will also use our Customisation Database, Titania. It offers a wide variety of options for language pack maintainers to manage and support their translations. Among the most prominent features of Titania are support forums for each entry, as currently exist for MODs and Styles entries, FAQ sections, localized language pack installation instructions and availability of language packs for older versions of phpBB.

    Titania will be used to display details of individual contributions and to serve the files. Besides that, we have created a new listing page for all language packs, which should provide a simpler and friendlier way to find the translation for your language.

    Visit the new Languages section

    Opinions or comments?

    We heartily welcome any feedback from our users, if you have any comments, please post them in the discussion topic for this announcement.

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