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    We are extremely excited to announce the availability of Forumatic, a managed hosting platform powered by the phpBB software you know and love.

    Forumatic was born out of a desire to establish a comprehensive plan for phpBB to remain the competitive project it has been for nearly 12 years. Unlike conventional hosting, Forumatic is tailored specifically toward forum owners — both professionals and amateurs — who are looking to quickly launch an online community without the cost of hiring a professional staff.

    Absolutely no experience is required — just choose a name and fill in a form. Forumatic will handle all the maintenance, both hardware and software, leaving you free to focus on building your community. There are no contracts, and administrators can export their data at any time.

    Forumatic users also effectively contribute to the phpBB community. The model employed by Forumatic is the result of careful study of the constructive relationships employed by Automattic/Wordpress, Acquia/Drupal, Canonical/Ubuntu and a host of other open source organisations. Revenue generated by Forumatic will be put toward the phpBB community in the form of full time developers, events and other productive endeavors, backing up the team and improving development time.

    Check us out at

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    I remember forumatic being the rage when it came out, several of my forum members decided to launch their own. They all came back, eventually, saying it was harder to manage a forum than they thought and they couldn't attract new members :)
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    That happens way to often, so many people think that it is much easier than it really is. I find that people have issues with the fact that it can be time consuming if you are not in the right place and if you don't know how to properly manage the forum.
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