Interviewed You is looking for a new Co-Owner, (be part of something special!!)

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    Name of site (and/or forum)?: Interviewed You and Interviewed You Forums
    Link to forum?: See above. We know the overall look of our site is bad we are working on a new theme and hope to have it done soon.
    Genre?: Interviewing,journalism,media,site exposure, exposure to the net in general,chat,etc...
    Forum Software?: MyBB 1.6.2 and Wordpress latest version
    Total number of posts the forum has received?: 5750
    Total Interviews Published?: 90 interviews have been published so far.
    Seeking?: Lead-Admin aka Co-Owner / Advisor / Interviewer / Validator
    Paid Position?: You won't get paid for now.
    If Paid, How Much?: ...
    Why are you requesting staff?: IY needs new people to join the team and especially I need someone to help me out next to my side as co-owner of the project.

    IY can be so much more then it is now, but because of a lack in active,motivated,dedicated staff we are getting slow with progress of the site. And I hope with this topic to find new people to work with and get to know better.


    To apply for any job see this page:
    Join the Site Team

    Thanks for your time,
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    I wish you the best, you have a great site. Choose wisely master.
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