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Discussion in 'vBulletin Discussions' started by Nick, Nov 2, 2009.

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    Recently, a lot of events have taken place at vBulletin.com, and many changes have occurred with Internet Brands and the vBulletin product itself.
    Most of these changes have resulted in a massive uproar by the customers, many of whom have become spitefully angry. The majority of websites, such as vBulletin.com itself, simply do not tolerate this expression of anger, which is very understandable.
    At AdminAddict, we keep censorship to a minimum and try to remain neutral in our actions to create the most welcoming environment for all members from all backgrounds. As a result, AdminAddict seems to have become the power-house of the vBulletin hate and anger. This is not the image we want to maintain or portray.

    Many of our long-time community members have expressed utmost concern with the recent postings, and some have even promised to leave our community because these "nasty" posts are totally inappropriate and upsetting.
    Instead of reverting to a policy that entails censorship of these discussions, we have implementing the following system:

    We have created this "vBulletin and Internet Brands Passionate Discussion" sub-forum, which you are currently viewing. All vBulletin/IB passionate discussions (i.e. complaints, slinging, hate, and displeasure - as well as positive feedback and compliments) are to be housed in this section, and discussions will be monitored closely. Any rude or utterly distasteful posts/threads will be removed without warning. All threads related to the vBulletin fiasco that existed prior to the creation of this forum have been moved into this sub-forum.

    We welcome the voicing of your concerns and discontent, but please express yourself in a mature and productive manner. Complaining for the sake of complaining does nobody any good.

    If, at any time, a particular post upsets you, please do not hesitate to use the Post Reporting tool. However, bear in mind that this tool is not to be abused and used for posts that you disagree with. Disagreement and legitimate upsetting are two totally different things.

    If you are amongst the wide range of members who are fed up with this ordeal and have absolutely no interest in taking part in this type of discussion, please take advantage of the UserCP option that allows you to completely hide this sub-forum with the result being its lack of existence. (UserCP -> Edit Options -> Forums to Exclude from View)

    The original vBulletin forum (vBulletin) is meant to remain strictly limited to discussion of the vBulletin product - questions, support, etc - as it previously was.
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