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    I have done this many times here is the scene...

    Your out and about going to work/school/college and all of a sudden while your traveling you would imagine your forum if it was massive; and what ideas, and then you go home and forget the ideas or re-think that the idea is horrible and will not suit your site/forum.

    How would you overcome this?
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    If you could capture that initial enthusiasm and bring it with you, that would solve the problem. If you have one of those phones with a video camera, you might try recording yourself talking about the idea. No one can sell you on an idea like yourself. When you feel an idea coming on, get out the phone or digital camera and go to it. Embellish as much as you want. Later when you watch the video, you're sure to hear the enthusiasm in your voice for the idea and your creativity will be restored. And, it may be enough to get your thoughts focused in the right direction again.

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