IB policy: vBulletin Germany will be dried out

Discussion in 'vBulletin Discussions' started by Brandon, May 31, 2012.

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    So, now it's official: IB prepares to take over the German localization and dry out vbulletin-germany.com. I know that many of you probably could not care less, but this is a huge mistake. :mad:

    I don't know the cause for this (maybe the money, maybe Scott was too outspoken), but the support at vBG is always superb, the releases more often than not have already fixed bugs and issues by the team, the localisation is superb and quick, and loyalty to Scott/Adduco and the team is high and hard earned.

    Over the long years since the vB4 debacle they managed to keep many customers with vB; now that there may finally be a light at the end of the tunnel they get kicked out. This is very, very, very bad move.

    To all German customers, and all of those who liked Scott's posts here and do not want to see him silenced and bootet out of the camp:

    Make your protest heard and write to [email protected].

    Especially for German customers it would be best if you could write why you think that keeping vbulletin-Germany alive is important to you (excellent localisation, excellent support... whatever you can think of).

    Thank you!

    Taken from vbulletin.com
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    I haven't paid to much attention to this till now, I read the thread in LCF on vb.com and I thought straight away it is something that they would do.

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