How to integrate vBulletin into WordPress (theme)

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    I have been wondering this for a while now. I am not sure if it is a simple plugin for the forum/wordpress or do they have to make the same header in vBulletin again.

    One example:
    The forum is part of a site which also includes a blog. It is not part of the WordPress
    The forum might not be vB, but it is exactly what I am talking about, having a forum inside WordPress. It's not really inside, but they share headers which is what I am looking for.
    Another example. Click the home button to see the blog. Not sure if it is WordPress, but this is the sort of work design I mean.
    Remove the "forums." to see the blog. Again not sure if that is Wordpress but that is the thing I mean.

    How can this be done exactly if I want to have the same header for my blog and forum so it all seems like one site?
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