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    Hi everyone! I'm Suzi and have been married to my wonderful dh 20 years. We have 5 kids: Crystal - 35, Matt - 33, Melanie - 32, Michael - 30 and Stacie - 15 (she's counting down to the big '16' on 5/20) and 7 grandkids. I won't list all those!! We are a yours, mine and ours family technically, but in the minds and hearts of all of us we are a real family and steps and half's aren't a part of it. We have 2 crazy cats; Snickers, lovely referred to as Dingy, whose 6 and Patches who is about 7 months old and is into everything! We live in a rural area in VA and love it. I'm looking forward to meeting some great new friends.
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    Hi Suzi, and remember violet and cyan are no-no colors for this board. I keep having to edit those cause no one can read them. Liz
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    Good to have you here Suzi. Mature mum indeed ;) Blessed to have your wisdom onboard ;)

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