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    Guidelines for Sharing Resources:
    Welcome to the AdminBB Graphics Database.

    Our aim with this database is to provide a place where users are able to get free resources that they can use on their site or for themselves. In order to provide this service we need our community to submit their work into our database.

    By posting your work into our Graphics Database, you are giving permissions for people to freely download and use your work and to modify it in any way they wish. By submitting work into the database, you are required to have either made the work yourself or have permissions from the person(s) who made it. If the work is not your own and you don't have the makers permissions to redistribute it, do not post it here. If you post work that you do not have permission to post, you will be banned from this forum. Please respect other people work.

    If you would like your work removed at any point or someone here has posted your work claiming to have been made by them, please send the details to an Administrator through a personal message or use our contact page and we will look into it and remove any material.

    If you have any problems or any improvement suggestions, please contact an Administrator.

    Thank you for helping support our Graphics Database.

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