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    ForuMansion is hiring some staff members for all interested in working with a great community and team! Depending on what position your interested in their are other duties involved with that position. We are looking for active, friendly, and fun people for our team. If your interested please drop a message to Austin on here or ForuMansion.
    [b]How Often Can You Be Online:[/b]
    [b]Previous Experience:[/b]
    [b]Why should we choose you(Answer well):[/b]
    [b]Extra Info (Anything worth telling us that might help):[/b]
    Requirements for all positions:
    - Please be sure you can do your job and can make time for ForuMansion, instead of joining and leaving.
    - It's a positive to be previously registered for at least a month(Can be wavered if your chosen).
    - It's a positive to have at least 100 posts already.
    - Myself or your possible team leader may want to talk with you personally over MSN(For application process).
    Positions: Packager(2) Reviewer (1)

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