Getting a Thick Head in a crisis

Discussion in 'Managing Your Online Community' started by Ashley, Aug 10, 2011.

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    Have you ever had some major upheaval come up on your forum to the point where you panic and do the first thing that comes to mind? Whether it be a lecture or an actual ban?

    A few hours ago, I got this thick head on me after we banned a member for bashing me and my forum. In the midst of confusion and with everyone getting back to normal, without thinking I made a topic in our staff room asking my staff members to please not do anything to antagonize the banned member in question. I had one co-admin get offended by the lecture, and I felt really bad about it. None of them deserved to be spoken to like they were five years old Unfortunately, this is partially because of my anxiety disorder. I'd taken my meds too late this morning and by the time I got home from work, the effects were already wearing off, and in my panic, I created the topic in the staff room I sent a PM to all staff with an apology, and as my way of apologizing, I donated each of them 300.00 CT cash from my own hand, as I didn't have any need for the coins anyway, as there aren't much incentives for staff yet in our shopping mall. I also pointed out that if I weren't sorry for what I did, I wouldn't have bothered apologizing. I also said that I appreciate what they do to help me out more than they will ever know. I still feel a bit guilty, but I also feel better knowing that I apologized for my mistake. This is the first time I've actually had a forum last as long as this one has, so I'd never been involved in a crisis like this, which is why I overreacted the way I did. Just keeping my fingers crossed that everyone forgives me and no one resigns because of my stupidity.
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    Well, when forum drama happens, its usually best if you sit back and let it happen. If you're not in control of the situation, especially since you were off your meds(right?), then you should of stayed away from the community.

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