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    Forum Hookers -

    Forum Hookers is a kind of forum which is started for helping people all over the world in all kind of categories.

    Why there are many categories?

    We can help you in all kind of aspects thats why we have massive list of categories.

    What can i do with forum hookers?

    You can ask question , share information , help other members and you can start your own discussion.

    What we offer ?

    We offer free service for all who cant afford.

    How can i contribute forum hookers?

    It is simple to contribute us. You can help members or you can post some unique content on your own. And if you refer a member to us it will greatly help us to grow to an extent.

    Who are in the team?

    Currently we have Linux expert,Mac Expert, Perl coder, C and C++ programmer, Php expert, Css expert and many more . To make a strong community we need you in the list!

    How can i join this team?

    We are a group of professionals working from various field , you can join us by simply dropping an pm to admin.
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