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    Hey Site/Forum Owners

    We are going to open a partership program which allows Owners of forums or sites to promote our site and in return we will advertise there forum or site.

    How will this work?
    Many Sites & Forums are more or less in competition to see which site is more successful and show the other owners that they are the best.

    Does paying count?
    God no lol, this partership program is free and will help promote even the smallest forums/sites

    Theres a catch?
    No catch needed, we just need for you to advertise our banner in your forums/site and in return we add your banner into our site.

    I know rules are needed right?
    Yeah, rules are needed which are the following...
    - No Pornography/Child Pornography
    - No Hacking Communities
    - Have Fun Applying :)

    If you want to join this partnership program PM me asap!

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