FS: 3 disc CAVS set, more.

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    Chartbuster SCDG Vol. 1-3 for $19 ea. $8 S&H if anyone is interested I can be reached at: 1-800-439-3277 or [email protected]

    I also have a never been used single tary CD+G player (single mic input w/echo) programmable and shufle or repeat/rehearse. I originally got it as a backup player but never had call for it. I think I paid between $200 and $250 for it and will consider anyone's offer. It's a wierd brand - Spacetech. Seems slower than other players when initially loading a disc, but operates just fine.
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    Can't help with the sale, but the Space-Tech is a multi-media player, and the slow load is the wait while it figures out what media is to be played- I think.
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    LOL. Can you believe it - "multi-media" is already a dated term!

    It's only stated capability is CD and CDG. It's not like the DVD players that can read all kinds of MODs.

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