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    If you're familiar with Fiverr and other microjob sites, then you know what it looks and works like :)

    In order to provide people with a better way to get paid for posts or other webmaster related jobs, I have started a small forum/blog jobs marketplace. It's ideal to buy/sell forum posts, blog comments and small graphic work.

    How does it work?

    1. You go to the site and create an account. Make sure you create a professional looking profile, that's how you'll promote your services and GET CLIENTS.
    2. You will need to confirm your email address. Usually instantly the script will send you an email message. If not, please contact me to activate your account.
    3. You set up the jobs you want to do: forum posting, blog commenting etc. Set up the best deal you can to attract buyers. I would recommend starting with small $5 jobs, but you're the one to decide how to sell your services.
    4. Wait for clients and get the money.

    ALL JOBS ARE MONITORED and need to be confirmed. You need a working paypal account, to get your money after you've done the jobs.

    What if you're a client?

    I know many of you are not interested in selling services, but would need content for their sites. Just register an account, browse the gigs already in place and discuss the details with the seller. Pay for the gig and then provide the feedback after it's all done.

    Why is it a good tool?

    There are many reasons I have thought about this as a forum poster and client myself. it's hard to keep track of all the stuff you need to do or keep lists of your editors. This way I can clearly choose editors, see who's being paid and how they're doing and then re-order. The payments are automatically done by the script, so they set their paypal address and I don't need to pester them anymore 'please tell me your paypal address' or try to remember how many posts I have actually ordered.

    For a freelancer this is also great, since they can get a profile that can be promoted. Instead of trying to keep track of all the clients and trying to set separate deals, you just have your own profile there, with the gigs and prices, plus feedback etc. You can promote that certain page, so that you get more traffic and maybe clients to it.

    As an example, this is my profile page:

    Until Augst 1st there are NO COMMISSIONS. it means I'm paying all the paypal fees for you, so, if you get a 5 dollar job, that's exactly how much you're withdrawing yourself.

    Please let me know if you need more details and thank you for your interest in this job marketplace. Hope it will help us all get good deals and earn some money :)
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