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    Website Name: Forum Spotlight
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    Forum Spotlight (FS) was created as a tool for forum owners, members and anyone looking for fun on the internet. Once a day, a forum will be selected, reviewed and made into a blog post here on FS. How will this forum be chosen? Only the best forums make the cut. Forum owners cannot buy their way onto FS. The top forums will be chosen by myself. I will choose a forum that is top-notch and I believe has what it takes to be recognized.

    What is the purpose of these posts? There are lots of forums out there that I believe deserve loads of credit. I hope to give readers an inside look of these forums so they can join in on the fun. Yup, free advertising.

    That�s not all. Every seventh day, there will be a Forum of the Week post. This post will compare the six previous forums and a winner will be selected. The winner will have an image link to their forum on the main page for a week. It�s just a little something extra to recognize the best of the best.

    Our biggest project is the Forum Tournament. Every month, forum owners can submit their forums into the Forum Tournament. The tournament will consist of a week�s amount of posts and will take place every month. Spread the word so we can be sure to do this monthly. It will be held in a similar manner to the Forum Battles, but there will of course be more forums. The winner will receive an image link to their forum for a month. When you see that forum, you know something amazing is waiting just a click away.

    That�s about it. FS has some great potential. We strive to help out forums who have showed us that they are special. Consider it an honor if your forum makes the cut. Be sure to enter the monthly tournament. Remember, feedback is always appreciated. If you have any suggestions or if you would like to help, just let us know.


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    Interesting site :D

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