Fake Microsoft update for firefox users

Discussion in 'Web Development and Programming' started by Gufran, Aug 2, 2011.

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    Homely masks are becoming more common than invisibility cloaks in the world of cyber crime, and from fake antivirus software to malware warnings, we've now reached a stage when a malicious script is masquerading as a Microsoft update. These are just a part of what experts like to call "Social engineering tricks".Firefox users on windows can be directed via a popup warning to a page that is the image of the Microsoft update page. Whats different, however, is that the particular Microsoft Update displayed require the use of internet explorer. Unwary users can proceed to download some nasty stuff, if they decided to install the so called urgent update.For now, the only safety is being a wary customer in the face of pop up warnings and notifications. Do also check for the certificates displayed by your browser on secure signed pages. Perhaps, the combination of common sense and a good antivirus solution won't be enough.
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    One more reason to switch to Google Chrome :)

    Google Chrome is fast and has very little clutter on the browser. Firefox is a bit too cluttered for me with all the toolbars and is slower.

    I would not download a Microsoft Update unless I knew that I wanted it.
    Plus, if you switch to Win. 7 you don't have to deal with online Microsoft Update because the computer does it automatically.


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