Facebook Tips, that you should know.

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    Update facebook status from firefox:
    Install the firestatus add-on and update your status right from your firefox browser, and use the facebook toolbar to completely control your profile right from the firefox.
    Download Firestatus
    ownload Facebook Toolbar

    Search Facebook like a pro:
    You can use a ":" sign to provide extra information about the person you are searching for. Say, you want to search a "Bob smith" who is married, you can type in the search box "Bob Smith status:married", also you can search two or more things at same time by putting a vertical line "|" in between them, e.g. "Bob Smith | Maria jones".

    Post a status message longer than 420 characters:
    You can share a text larger than 420 character by sharing any photo for your drive and writing the status in "Say something about the Photo" textbox.

    Remove facebook Ads from your profile:
    You can do this by using the greasemonkey script Facebook Cleaner, remove many of the annoying ads and updates for your facebook page.
    Download Facebook Cleaner
    Download Facebook photo album:
    You can easily download your photo album over facebook with a windows application "FotoBounce"
    Download it here.
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    Thanks for the tips. They're quality. Thanks for sharing!

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