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    What are some regular events, contests or competitions you hold on your forum? Things to keep members interested and make the forum more of a tight-knit community.

    On my Linnie forum we have several little things we do:

    • Member of the Month (we select one member each month to "Spotlight" and ask questions in order to get to know them better)
    • Noble Perch Prize (our forum is about birds - hence the "perch" - and this is a weekly award that is passed along from member-to-member in recognition of helpful members)
    • Monthly Photo Contests (each month we have a photo contest with a different theme each time; members love this)
    • Some larger events
      • Secret Santa Gift Exchange (yearly gift exchange where members are assigned another member to send holiday gifts to for their Linnie; members LOVE this)
      • Donation drives (to support our forum as well as a charitable organization at the same time)
      • Bigger contests. We are about to finish a 9-week "Lineolated Parakeet Next Top Model" competition. This is great fun and our members love it.
    What are some of the things you do for fun in your community?
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    New York City
    We have a Christmas swap with a prize for the best homemade item, and an Easter egg photo contest :)

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