Even I can't believe... it's like giving you a FREE Dedicated Server...

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    "...No. I didn't have too much sugar..."

    Hey Member,

    Many of you know me as the 15 Year Old, whose a part of the big blogosphere, and you also know that I sometimes get special offers people let me give out.

    Today, I found a great one to give you guys...

    DEDICATED SERVERS @ $10 for the First Month...

    Wow? I must be giving out crap ones right?

    Well.. I'm not.. I've got Quads, Dual Core, Xeons and so much more.. Too many to actually post here.

    Send me a Private Message with the specs you want, and let Caleb get you hooked up today.

    This offer is special just for [you] :)..

    Caleb Spilchen.

    P.S. ACT NOW, this offer will not last long.

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