Domains and IPB License Combo. Cheap!

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    As some of you may have seen my other posts, you may already know that I have been selling both domains and an IPB License. So I figured I'd offer a deal for those who would be interested in buying both. And yes, prices where cut.

    The two domain names that come in this package are:
    Expires: 01 Nov 11

    Expires: 17 Sep 11

    As for my IPB License, it is active. And New. I purchased it last month and got the IP.Content addon shortly after. The license has free upgrades and support until may, then it is up to the user to decide if they would like to purchase another 6 months for free upgrades for 25 bucks. But the script itself can be used for a lifetime with no limits.
    heres an image to prove that I do in fact am in possession of the license. I am also able to supply any other info at request.

    At Retail this package with the domains would total ATLEAST $218.00 (I payed 9 bucks for each domain and hosting for a year) I have been getting requests already for the domains as they do suite specific internet niche's. Or heck even if u just want a dumping ground for tests sites.

    For this whole package I am now asking for $140.00 USD

    If anyone has any questions at all I'd be happy to answer all messages and I don't have a problem discussing this on skype or msn. I am eager to get started on a new project and this money would help me out a ton :D thanks!

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