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    This may sound like heresy coming from me, but most of my inner circle friends and frequent Twitter amigos know I'm a bit of a spelling Nazi with my own stuff. I recently discovered this speech from the "Californication" character, Hank Moody.

    Hank is a little bit too pessimistic about the impact of the Internet and the power of the communication it provides (including texts) - but we'll give him a free pass since I'm watching an old season 1 episode! He may not have seen what was coming. =)

    However, the part I absolutely agree with him about is the fact that it has resulted in a mass butchering of language. Yet, even Hank himself realized that resistence is futile when it comes to the Internet. He got trapped in the Web (of blogging) too.

    For stuff like Twitter that forces us to compress our ideas into 140 characters, my goal is try to make "brevity" an art rather than just giving up, and grunting out bits and pieces of a "proto language". =)

    If I could have just one wish, it would be capitalization and basic grammar mixed with all the LOLs. =)

    tl;dl I don't like typos or destruction of the English language, but I'm a part of it.

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