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Discussion in 'Security and Legal' started by Lee G, Nov 6, 2014.

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    Long story short, Im presently trying to get my main domain I use for my email out the gmail black list after an email marketer found a hole in my forum

    In my case it was in a photo gallery add on I use which had a page to let people share the image links
    But, you can change all the text in the box's to what ever you want

    I had been hit nine times, when I finally found out what and how they were doing it. Each time they had done lists of about 1000 email addresses at a guess. I would say more, going by the amount of bounced emails I was getting. Each hit from a different ip cluster in the Philippines

    Having found the problem and disabled access on my own site with conditionals wrapped round the email fields and boxes. A quick google found there are still loads of websites using the same add on with the feature still active

    I wont name the add on or the page, because it could encourage others not aware of the problem to target it

    The same guy is still visiting my site in the hope of gaining access again

    I even went as far as tracking down the affiliate company and reporting him in a hope of teaching the guy a lesson, since its clearly in their tos on their website. Which got me no where apart from wasting more time

    Lock down your sites guys

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