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    Dennis Tsang has been with the team for a long time, playing numerous important roles and having a lot of input over the years. He took some time to answer your questions!
    Being one of the more active, long-time members, what keeps you coming back to MyBB?

    MyBB is so easy to work with. The core is easy to understand and use; it’s lean and lightweight. It’s simple to customize. In terms of the community, it’s the perfect size where people can get to know each other and help each other out. There are wonderful developers and themers who produce awesome themes.
    Other than MyBB, what are some of your hobbies?

    I volunteer with a couple of youth groups, namely youth ministry at St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church in Vancouver, B.C. I am on the council of the S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Youth Leadership Millennium Program.
    I am a transit enthusiast and photographer. I love buses and trains. My transit photography can be found at
    What is it about public transport that you’re so interested in?

    I’m most interested in the systems behind public transit operations. For example, here in Vancouver we have a metro line called the SkyTrain, which is fully automated. The automation has intrigued me since I was young and I’ve been trying to figure out how it all works. The vehicles themselves (both buses and trains) are also an interest of mine — the skill required by operators to maneuver the buses through traffic is astounding.
    What is your favourite movie?

    The Matrix.
    Are you as excited about MyBB as you first were about it?

    Yes of course. The advent of MyBB 2.0 is very exciting as it’s the first rewrite we’ve done since the inception of the project itself. The web has changed very dramatically in the past few years from both technical and social standpoints. MyBB 2.0 will hopefully take forum software to the next level by harnessing new concepts and technologies and making a usable package in the age of Web 2.0 and beyond, while still maintaining our core roots of powerfulness, simplicity, and extensibility.
    What career do you hope to achieve after completion of your course?

    Later this year I will be starting as a software developer at A Thinking Ape. Software has always been an interest of mine, and that’s why I went into Computer Science. My particular interests are in mobile and web technologies.
    The best day of your life was…

    The day I was born.
    In your opinion, what is the most underused feature of MyBB?

    Threaded Mode on the show thread page. I’ve never used it. Do you use it?
    How long can you hold your breath for?

    At least the length of the George Massey Tunnel.
    Anything else you’d like to add?

    It’s been a pleasure to be on the MyBB team. It’s always enjoyable to see people who use our software and love MyBB as much as we as staff do.
    Get your questions answered

    They can be general to all/any staff or specific to one member, either way, post them in the Questions for team members thread and I’ll ask them if appropriate. A lot of staff have been answering questions in the thread too, so it’s a great ‘open discussion’ thread too! Thank you.

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