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    Hello friends,
    I have been busy since past few weeks and got a little free time so i have managed to make a theme called DarkDesire

    The theme is a limited edition premium theme and i would be selling only 5 copies of the theme.
    As the name suggests , it is Dark and it definitely creates a desire to use it on your forums and i have included many unique features which i never had used in my previous works.

    Quickly into the features :

    The theme is based on Standard MyBB 1.6x and offers pretty good jQuery and Css3 based effects.

    I can highlight main features that i have incorporated;

    Preview/Demo :
    At present i can provide a preview of set of screenshots : http://imgur.com/a/9IMHo

    Video Demo

    Pricing :
    The theme is a limited edition theme so the price for a single copy is USD $50. now just $40 ($10 Discount on the eve of MySkins V3 Opening)
    Copyright removal is $30 Extra (Optional).

    Note:If anyone wants to have the theme on a whole , like a custom theme , single copy just PM me.

    How to Buy :
    To buy the theme ,please visit www.myskins.org and pm me (username : envira )
    or contact at myskins.org @gmail.com

    Support and License :
    Custom License is included with the theme, and support for theme would be provided at www.myskins.org

    Hope you guys like the theme,
    Thank you.
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    It looks good! How much are you selling it for?

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