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    I opened this site in Nov.08. I am the only admin, and only one with ftp access. I install all the mods/hacks myself.. I have a few mods and one supermod I call my "Asst.Admin" :D

    As of Weds. July 1st, 2009 my statistics are as follows:

    Threads: 781
    Posts: 11,564
    Members: 249, Active Members: 206

    I would really love to get this award...I think my site would really benefit from it.

    I make it a personal goal to make sure my site stays friendly and safe. My mods are always looking out for the site and I couldn't ask for a better support team!

    I hope to have a decent sized site when its one year anniversary comes up on Nov.18th, 2009. I would love to see it become one of the main toyota/performance forums on the net!!

    Thanks for reading!!!

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