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    Community Showcase Guidelines:
    Follow the Guidelines below to showcase your forum and get reviews for it here.
    • You must have a total of 10 posts on our forums before creating a thread here in order to showcase your forums(s).
    • You can only have one thread per forum and it must be your own.
    • Please use constructive feedback when reviewing a forum being showcased. No insults or put-downs. If you don't have something helpful to say, don't bother. Please expand on your likes and dislikes a little more.
    • You may bump your thread after 24 hours, be patient and your forum will get noticed.
    • This forum is for Showcasing forums only. This is not for advertising your services. If you wish to do that, you may advertise your services in our Marketplace.
    • We do not allow porn, warez or anything illegal or inappropriate here. You will be banned immediately if breaking this rule because we take this very seriously. (If you find a forum violating this please hit the Report button.)
    We reserve the right to change these Guidelines and close a thread without prior knowledge. If your thread was closed and you have no idea why, you can always contact a staff member.
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