Cheat The Cherry Master!!!!

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    Look on Ebay and see my 100% rating and its sold in Las Vegas Gamblers Book Club. You can win on a multitude of arcade machines in arcades,truck stops, private clubs etc.
    Strategies are included for the following machines: It includes cheat/strategies for Fruit Bonus 96, Lucky 77 Keno, Super Cherry Master, Fruit Bonus 2000, Magical Odds, Fruit/Ocean Paradise, Magic Bomb, Dyna Penny Machines, Fruit Genie 1 & 2, Bar Bonus (Bonus Bar), Dino Dino, Queen Bee, Monkey Land, Treasure Quest, Pot O' Gold (Keno) and Pot O' Gold (Shamrock 7s) and Mystery J & B, Doggie With Diamonds, Treasure Island, New lucky 8 Lines, Funny Fruit, Older Fruit bonus 96 1TM or2TM (in upper corner of screen)Haunted House and Treasure Tens.

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