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    Is there a scheduled time for chats or just look and see if someone is in there? I didn't see a chat schedule button but I may have missed it.
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    It's just random. No set times for anything cause of schedules. I try and stop in there while I'm on here, but never know how long I can stay.

    I actually was in there a while when you were once, but I think you were away cause you didnt' answer anything. :)

    Liz used to be in there a lot,but I'm sure she's very busy with things.
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    Thanks Nerelda I'll check around when I'm on, I thought you were there and I typed Hi but didn't get a response...I'll learn my way around...LOL
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    Apr 30, 2005
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    Bonnie, we don't have enough folks yet for scheduled chats. That will come in time.

    And as soon as I stop pulling my hair out over this server, I'll be in there more often. Liz

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