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    I used to do a little graphic work and I've been on years of hiatus, so here is your open invitation to free graphic work.

    There are multiple purposes of this thread, you all get to see what I can do, I get to see what I can do, and we all get to see some before and after pictures.

    • Do you have a picture that is messed up somehow? I will try to fix it. If I have trouble fixing it to my standards, I will tell you what I am seeing going on with the picture. I'm not CSI, I can't get high def out of an icon, but I will do what I can.
    • Do you want someone's head on another picture? I can work it out.
    • Do you want a custom avatar? No problem.

    As the thread goes on, you will see the amount of work you will be able to get from me.

    WARNING: I cannot do work instantly, it will take some time. Also, my mood for doing graphic work comes and goes, I might not want to look at something for a week then do hours and hours over the weekend.

    Thanks for looking and thanks for your help. :)

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