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    AVACS LIVE CHAT is free dating chat application for mobile phones and computers, with this you can chat everytime, everywhere, and also you will get friends from all over the world, not only friends you got, also can get a boyfriend/girlfriend with AVACS. You can upload your photos, fill your questionaire, make your own room, private or public room. Contact list, colourful messages, exchange a musics, pictures, files and bunch of cool animated smileys and avatars. AVACS is powerfull chat app for you, and its 100% comfortable to chat because each room has own moderators to set ââ?¬Å?READ ONLYââ?¬Â to the troublemaker, and many interesting else that you can do.

    Site for chat with PC www.avacschat.com, from now you can add/remove users in contact list, black list, read only list, moderators list, invited list via drag and drop or popup menu in web version of AVACS live chat.

    Join the family!

    -Green neth :[email protected] (moderator netherlands lounge)
    -Victor (administrator)
    [email protected]

    from web browser or directly from your phone

    AVACS Live chat web version available on




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