Are the lists of dofollow sites the worst thing to happen to forums?

Discussion in 'SEO, Traffic and Revenue' started by CM30, Jul 8, 2012.

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    Jul 1, 2012
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    You know, the guy which list forums by page rank and say which allow dofollow links in forums and signatures?

    Because all they do is basically encourage spamming and fluff posts for the sake of another link or ten in Google and it's a sign of the selfish attitude in the webmaster community at this time, the whole 'I don't care if I screw over everyone but myself for higher rankings' thing.

    I wouldn't be surprised if similar links on sites like Digitalpoint outright killed many of the forums they link to. Just look at all the sites listed now. One or two posts a day and less than fifty a week in some cases, or flooded with cheap me too posts by people trying to promote their own sites for the page rank. These lists and this attitude probably outright drove away many of the contributing members by sending spammers and 'seo experts' to these places and drowning the forum in worthless garbage posts. Until either the admins made it all nofollow, turning it into a ghost town or left it as a haven for poor quality crap and fluff posts like so many webmaster forums are now.

    Anyone agree?
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    I think once all those indian webmasters joined Digitalpoint with bad grammar, the community went down hill. Which is why Shawn changed the links to "nofollow"
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    Well... there was a lot more reasons than *just* that... and a lot more things we've done (most things people just don't notice).

    There are also some big changes planned that aren't quite a drastic as blocking entire countries, but pretty close. :)
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