Any good resources for WordPress (not official ones)

Discussion in 'Web Development and Programming' started by CM30, Apr 7, 2014.

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    I mean, the Codex is useful and all, but I'm interested in reading some good articles/opinions about the software and the community, not just a list of functions and how they work.

    Unfortunately, finding resources online, is not easy. Or more precisely, filtering the good stuff from the bad stuff is just awful.

    Because if you search Google for anything WordPress related, an absolute ton of crap comes up that takes forever to sift through. You get stuff written by people with little to no knowledge of how to use English, meaningless posts by people trying to game Google for SEO reasons, meaningless crap by people trying to game search engines who can't speak a word of English (aka most of them), lists of plugins and themes that come down to one line about each thing with no real opinon posted so to speak of and stuff from about five or ten years ago that's now completely irrelevant.

    So, for those in the community, any good resources out there? Ideally with an update rate that's more than 'once in a blue moon' or 'Valve time'? Heck, even a 'top 20 blogs about WordPress' would be rather useful about now, if one exists...
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    Any of the useful Wordpress resources are gone. Replaced as you seen with trash. There used to be a few good sites. Now even those are useless.

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