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    One of the problems with VB5 and the continual updates, is the lack of MODS, one thing I could really do with is a drop down menu, but it doesn't exist, and it's causing me a headache.

    I'm compiling an archive of stats for my forum, there are at the moment three categories, but it's bound to grow, and I need to come up with some sort of indexing system which is easy and friendly to use, and easy to update.

    The tools I have ( that I can use with confidence) are HTML modules, create new pages, edit pages etc.

    I'm not too bad at coding HTML, but php is way beyond me.

    Sensible ideas please

    Categories so far are :

    Season Stats > 1992-93 season to 2103-14 Season

    Referees stats> Same amount of seasons

    Fair play league > 2000-01 season to 2013-14 Season

    ANY advice is welcome

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