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    This will be a compilation of all known issues & bugs related to the new main website, not the forums.

    Known issues are below:

    Search does not connect to the database properly to locate forums posts.

    Attempting to add a comment to any news article will bring up an error message about unknown name and password.

    Site background will be enhanced in some form.

    99% of links are not yet active.

    Calendar will be switching from a flat one to one that interfaces with the SOUP TALK calendar. A day will have a link if their are events to that day.

    Soup Talk Login will log you in, but does not recognize/greet you by name once you are already logged in.

    News category icons are not yet finalized.

    Today In History not yet active.

    Ability to read a previous days news items with a <--- Previous link is planned to make checking a day earlier much simpler.

    Graphical/coding glitch on news archive, full story, and view by category SEARCH box.

    ...more later...

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