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    What we (myself and VigLink) learnt at ForumCon, especially from the Q&A after the monetization session, is that working out how to best monetize your forum remains a daunting task for forum owners. A task that involves a difficult balancing act between driving revenue and maintaining your user experience.

    Sadly, there is no panacea to monetization and different options work for different forums, but we do have some good news! Of the seemingly endless list of possibilities there are only really a few options worth exploring for small to medium-sized forums.

    We also have some even better news!! In an effort to help guide you through the sea of possibilities and assist you in finding the best option for your forum, we have created a free forum monetization guide (available below).

    The guide succinctly explores the monetization options available from sponsorship through to in-image and in-text ads, and user group targeting. It also provides guidance on the actual value you can expect from each tool, comparing them on grounds of revenue, time involved, and intrusiveness.

    The guys at ForumCon seemed to find it helpful, so I hope you do as well!

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    Thanks @Lucy for the PDF, I think we'll find it very helpful!
    Thanks for all the support from ForumCon, we look forward to the future and what ForumCon can do for forum administrators. :)
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