6 Ways to Constantly Produce Quality Blog Content

Discussion in 'Web Development and Programming' started by Brandon, Jun 6, 2010.

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    Here are the headlines & a short snippet of this blog post, I suggest everyone checking it out.

    #1: Create an Editorial Calendar

    There are two steps to creating an editorial calendar. First is to assign your blogging to time slots when you know your creative juices are flowing, when you typically feel inspired and productive. For me, that’s usually in the morning.

    #2: Plug in the Types of Posts and Topics You’re Going to Write About

    Make a list of categories that are of interest to your audience. Take a look at your categories and make a list of 5 to 10 subtopics that relate to each category.

    #3: Keep a Running List of Blog Topics

    The more you blog, the more ideas you get. Everything you do, every conversation you have, every book, article or blog you read, becomes fodder for your own blog posts.

    #4: Write Several Blog Posts at One Time

    Many bloggers use this time management strategy. Maybe you really do only have one hour a week to focus on your blog. If that’s the case, grab your laptop, head to your favorite coffee house and pump out a series of blog posts.

    #5: Find Guest Bloggers to Help You Out With Content

    Occasionally if you’re pressed for time, find someone to help. Depending on the purpose and goals of your blog, a great feature to add is the voice of others in your industry. Perhaps once a month you showcase the ideas of other members of your team, your vendors, your colleagues and thought leaders in your industry.

    #6: Interview Experts

    Identify 12 to 20 industry leaders who’ve written books on your subject. Prepare a written interview with five to seven questions and invite them to respond, then post the interview on your blog. Not all of them are going to take the time to respond, but some will.

    Tell them what’s in it for them… Exposure to your audience and links back to their blog, website or book. I don’t know of any authors who don’t want more readers and more visibility for their book! What’s in it for you? Content you don’t have to create that positions you as a credible expert and trusted filter of the best information for your readers
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    Brandon, that last one is a great idea. I have a camping blog that just seems to sit there. I think that suggestion would add some life to it.
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    Yeah that last one did get me thinking. My blog is in a niche where I could do something like that. Trouble is getting in contact and finding the person to interview. Or would it be okay, if everything was done over e-mail.

    Though on some of my personal blogs, I can't really post anything as I don't really have anything to post about. But on my blog which gets quite a few visits, I can write all day about it. But I find that doing that doesn't expose your articles as much... otherwise it disappears on your front page. Within a week or so. So what I do is let my articles get loads of hits first and it does well in SERP then I move into adding new content; then repeat.

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